Transparency, layers, texture, color, and dimension fascinate me. But what lies beneath the surface of the layers, what most people do not see as casual observers, is what truly intrigues me as a painter. How light affects layers of color and texture, how surfaces interact with each other, and discovering and attempting to uncover these intricacies within my subject matter are of greatest interest. Exaggerated color is found in each painting to give thepiece a heightened sense of reality. It is another vehicle for discovery.

Pastel is my preferred medium. It unites the act of drawing and painting, unlike any other medium. The very nature of holding the pastel, and manipulating it directly, allows me to greatly control the amount of pressure I apply to the surface, and therefore, the bold or light application of pigment. Using the broken sides of pastels, much in the same way as using the broad end of a flat brush, the pastels are glazed on to the surface. The luminosity, vibrancy, and consistency of pastel are extremely relevant to my subject matter, enabling me to fully capture and portray transparency and dimension.

Rhythm and movement, whether in the flow of a costume, the expanse of a landscape, or in the interaction of characters in the dress series, are the constant components in my work. Curiosity and an intuitive response to mood and emotion in the subject matter push me towards my own interpretation in each piece. 

While Edgar Degas’ work was of early interest and influence, the works of Richard Diebenkorn and Mark Rothko have become central in my search for portraying layers, light and color. Current living artists, Burton Silverman, Albert Handell, Diane Tesler are constant influences in terms of composition, drawing, and heightened color.